Let Him Chase YOU

Dating and Love Advice Books for Women

Let HIM Chase YOU is a very special guide that I put together for women of all ages to find and reclaim their self-confidence when it comes to dating and relationships.

You deserve better than what you’ve been settling for all these years. You deserve better. And you know it deep down.

That might be a loving, devoted husband or just a committed boyfriend who supports you and tells you when you have a booger hanging. Or maybe even just a great platonic guy friend who is there for you when you need him.

In the guide I touch on the following points:

– having sex with a guy too soon is like going to Dave and Busters, giving up $100 on tokens and then coming out tired and spent with nothing but a teddy bear and some cheap thrills to show for it, feeling like a straight up sucker

– confidence in yourself is KEY to attracting and keeping men interested, hands down. I show you how to handle men in a way that will show them EXACTLY how they are to treat wonderful you.

– how the law of attraction is the most powerful tool in drawing DECENT men to you like a magnet. It’s as strong and real as the law of gravity. I show you how to use it to meet more guys who are your speed.

– when you demand that the guys you date come up to meet you at your level, watch as they scramble to do so.

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