Are You Allowing Toxic Family Members to Take Up Space in Your Life?

I blog often about the transformation I made in my life. I experienced improvement in every area from fulfillment in my work to better relationships.

Now that my mind is clearer I’m coming to some harsh realizations. One thing I am learning is that just because someone is related to you by blood doesn’t mean they have to be in your life.

This Thanksgiving holiday I witnessed some things about some of the people I am closely related to that has me seriously asking — do I really need to have someone in my life just because we’re related?

I don’t think so.

The behavior — selfishness, lack of consideration, lack of gratitude just to name a few — is certainly nothing new to me. But for some reason this particular holiday is the first time I am seriously considering that certain folks might be toxic in my life and not good for my personal growth. I felt some old feelings, thoughts and resentments come back that definitely don’t have any place in my new life!

Negative Energy Is Contagious
Do you have someone like this in your family? Someone who you feel forced to be around just because they are blood relations? Someone who lacks consideration for you and others? Someone who brings down your energy?

The energy that you have around you is important. Negative energy is highly contagious so you should make every effort to keep it away from you. If someone makes you feel upset, angry or disgusted every time you see them, maybe you shouldn’t be around that person at all — even if they’re related to you. Give them a chance to experience their own personal growth before allowing them back into your life. Nothing and no one should hold you back from growing.

As you make your own transformations in your life and in your relationships, I think it’s important to consider whether you are holding onto some people solely out of a sense of familial obligation and allowing them to infiltrate your life with negative energy.

It may be necessary to cut those “ties that bind” (at least temporarily) in order to allow better relationships and experiences into your world.

Love Lynn

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