Not Giving Up Also Applies to Dating and Relationships


One of my biggest inhibitors in life has been that I tend to give up on projects way too soon. In the past I frequently let any one setback distract me from my ultimate goal.

I tried to launch a small business when I was about 20 and it failed after many attempts to make it work. So after that, whenever a business idea of mine didn’t go right immediately I gave up.

Happy dating and relationships
Stay positive!

I only recently realized that I also did this often when it came to dating and relationships. If I had one bad experience with a guy, I would give up on dating completely for a long time.

The feelings of despair can be so overwhelming that you feel like you’re not meant for success. But that’s a lie we tell ourselves that’s based in fear.

Like moving forward with a new business idea, the right course of action if you want to eventually have a good relationship with a guy is to keep dating, keep experiencing, keep loving and keep having fun.

BUT the key is to use what you learned from the last failed experience to ensure that it doesn’t happen again.

Again, just like with a business idea that goes wrong, you learn, adjust and make better decisions in the future.

Love Lynn

Lynn Gilliard is the author of the relationship guide Let Him Chase YOU (available soon) and the eBook Friends With Benefits SUCKS (At Least for Women). She is an in-demand writer and transformational blogger helping people get in touch with their inner greatness.

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