Accepting Submissions: Funny Dating Stories

I’m starting a new category of my site with funny dating stories from women all over the world. Everyone has at least one!

Funny Dating Stories

I told one in my book Survive, Live or Thrive, when a guy I was dating told me I had a little mustache and I never talked to him again! Ass!

If you have an even funnier dating story that you’d like to have published on my blog or a future book, send it in for consideration today – just use the contact box below. Send a link to your blog or website if applicable as well — if published it will go with your post.

Word length requirement: 150-400 words

If your submission is accepted for the site, it will be posted on the site under my Funny Dating Stories page and promoted on my high Klout Twitter site. If it’s so funny that it’s selected for publishing in a future book, you’ll be paid $25 for your contribution.

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Love Lynn


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