I Did It; It’s My Fault: Taking Personal Responsibility for Your Life

“Bite the dog that bit you.”
“Ooooo, she makes me so mad!”
“The devil made me do it.”

These are all common phrases that people use to absolve themselves of personal responsibility. When something doesn’t go right, the first thing we tend to do is look for someone or something to blame.

At some point in your life, you have to stand up and say, “it was me, I did it. I did it to myself.”

There aren’t many things that you can honestly blame on others. For instance, say a child went astray and turned to drugs as a teen. It’s not his friend’s fault or the girl he’s decided to with, it’s the fault of his parents for not instilling more integrity and morals in him as a child. Once that child becomes an adult, it’s his own fault why he keeps getting into trouble.

If you find yourself in a string of abusive relationships or constantly being used up by men, you can’t blame that on anyone else but your own choices. There’s a pattern there, which begins and ends with you.

“Bite the dog that bit you” — YOU bit yourself, time and time again by continuing to pick up that bottle and drink

“She makes me so mad!” — YOU are allowing someone else’s negative energy to upset your life

“The devil made me do it.” — no, YOU did the deed and if anything the devil probably just watched, laughing at your poor choices

The longer you continue to blame the outer world for your inner turmoil and the trouble in your life, the longer your problems will persist.

I Did It – It Was Me
When you start to take full responsibility for what’s going on in your life you’ll be surprised at how FREE you will feel. You’ll finally realize that you are the sole master of your destiny. All you have to do is change something that you’re doing, saying, thinking or feeling and the problems will vanish. Even when you are faced with new obstacles, you’ll be able to jump over them with the ease of a world-class hurdler.

Take stock of what’s going on in your life today. What is holding you back from true happiness? Identify each and every “problem” you have going on in your life and take full responsibility for each of them.

Once you have done that, now you can get started on the SOLUTION.

Love Lynn

Lynn Gilliard is a writer, transformational blogger and author of a popular relationship guide entitled Let Him Chase YOU.

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