Are You a “Me Too” Girl?

What’s a “me too” girl?

It’s a woman who goes along to get along instead of expressing her own singular thoughts and beliefs.

It might be a woman who goes right along with everything her friends or associates do and say.

That might be a woman who does everything that her family tells her to do.

That might also be a woman who goes along with everything a guy she’s dating or wants to date tells her.

A “me too” mentality is why many women end up in friends with benefits situations. They are too quick to go along with what a guy wants instead of being true to what they really want.

So when a guy says “I don’t want a real relationship.”

She says “me too.”

When he says he wants sex with no strings attached, she says “me too.”

Lies. With every “me too” you lose a little piece of yourself (maybe more).

Don’t be a me too girl. A woman who stands up and says what she believes, no matter what, is a powerful force to be reckoned with.

Love Lynn

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