Friends With Benefits SUCKS for You… and You Know It

There’s one thing I already know about this blog.

Certain types of guys (and even some women) will NOT like it.

That’s because I’ll be revealing some serious truths about relationships between men and women. Cold hard facts.

As you can see, the main idea of this blog is to reveal the truth that having the title of Friends With Benefits… SUCKS… at least for women.

What happens is that you get thrown into the friend zone, where you pretty much get NOTHING that you want as a woman.

Meanwhile, the guy is getting his top desire and goal: SEX.

Not fair!

So why do you agree to it then?

Stay tuned to this blog for some major revelations, and advice for how you can finally break out of the cycle of constantly being a friends with benefits (aka boy toy) and demand the proper title of GIRLFRIEND and eventually WIFE when the time is right.

No, I’m not a relationship expert. I’m just a woman who sees exactly what’s going on. And I want to help you get your mind right when it comes to relationships with men.

Love Lynn

Lynn Gilliard is the author of the relationship guide Let Him Chase YOU (available soon) and the eBook Friends With Benefits SUCKS (At Least for Women). She is an in-demand writer and transformational blogger helping people get in touch with their inner greatness.

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